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ADiMATiONS, Inc. is one of Miami’s most successful digital imaging firms, specializing in large-format printing, trade show graphics/booths, custom acrylic décor, digitally printed canvas, and much more.

Our simple and easy-to-understand core business values have guided us since Day One, and they are the pillars of our success:

Adimations brings your visual ideas and branding concepts to life. 40-plus years of Design, Advertising and Engineering experience create eye-catching results that exceed your expectations and make people look.

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12141 SW 114 Place
Miami, FL 33176


Founded in 2000 by award-winning photographer Viani Navarrete, a former staff photographer for The Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald. In 1977, Navarrete won the Pictures of the Year Award from the renowned Missouri School of Journalism which catapulted him into the national spotlight.

Subsequent commercial and freelance photography success allowed him to learn every facet of the imaging business along the way. Navarrete’s deep experience resulted in the creation of Adimations, Inc. built on delivery of high-quality photography and advertising skills he developed. Our team strives to make your experience as casual and effortless as possible, and we can create solutions for almost any problem that arises, whether it’s an architectural challenge or aesthetic decision.

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